Lake Louise, Twin Falls Chalet

The first day's hike was with the same friend I met in New Zealand a dozen years ago and his wife Sandy, and their now married friends Joy and Kelly. I think it was about a 25 kilometer (20 mile) 3000 foot elevation gain stroll around the lake. The next day we were joined by Chris. Here are a few shots (see all the images at Kodak).

Yoho peak panorama

On the way back from Yoho, the gang demonstrates their snowball throwing technique.

Chris - Definitely the best form
Don - Throws like a girl
Kelly - Throws a strike


Don and Me


One of many dramatic vistas


Takakkaw Falls


top row: The Canadian Rockies
bottom row: Marc, Chris, Don, Sandy, Joy, Kelly

Inside the Twin Falls Chalet

Twin Falls Sunrise

(see all the photos at Ofoto)

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