Cracker Jack Tour Across America 2002

Between April 10, and 20, 2002, James S. "Jim" Gable, his brother John "John" Gable, and I drove across America. This was no Kerouacian "On the Road" trip. Our drugs of choice came in the form of black coffee and Mountain Dew.

Ostensibly a trip to deliver a car to Jim's new home in Virginia, it was more a nostalgia trip for Jim to recreate his misspent youth driving from Stanford University back home to Kentucky on holidays.

The trip was front loaded with all the sightseeing in Death Valley and the parks of Utah. In one day we drove across three quarters of Colorado, all of Kansas, and into Missouri.

In Kentucky we stayed overnight at Jim's (and John's) parent's home. Due to privacy concerns as some of the only Republicans in Kentucky, no photos of them or their home were allowed.

We then proceeded to Charlottesville, Virginia and to Thomas Jefferson's home in Monticello. He was quite a guy, and a near religious figure in Virginia.

Finally in Virginia we got a first look at the Gable's new abode.

Along the way we had great sushi in Las Vegas, excellent trout in Utah, memorable barbecue in Moab, and a great dinner at the Hunter's Head in Upperville. In between we had a year's supply of fast food of every sort.

Here is a link to the complete set of 6 albums at Kodak