2003 The Fire Box Tour

The fire was close in Missoula, but not nearly as close as in Naramata, British Columbia.

My brother Andrew times an exposure on his new, old-style box camera from
the deck of the house my parents had rented for a two-week vacation.

The fire started to create its own weather by sucking cold air in from
the surrounding area, regardless of wind pattern, creating billowing clouds.

By sunset the air overhead was thick with smoke. We were under a 1-hour evacuation notice.

The next day this is what the sun looked like at noon on an otherwise clear day. Though we never were evacuated, the pall of smoke, and inability to go anywhere or do anything, drove us to abandon ship and head for Vancouver a few days earlier than planned.

Black hills winery is a lot more charming than their quanset
style hut. But who cares, there wine is great.

This whimsical, post-pueblo designed winery is
the home of Burrowing Owl. A truly great wine.

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