Stanley Stainless Steel Thermos
"The unbreakable thermos"

Thermos as I received it. The original color was a flat, forest green, but it had been painted a dull gold color.In the process of restoration. Cleaned with a wire brush on a drill, then citrus stripper, then mineral spirits.With a fresh coat of "Hammerite". A finish closely resembling the hammered finish of a modern Stanley thermos

Since 1999 I've sold a few items on Ebay, always very successfully. I really like the way Ebay works, and the number and types of stuff being sold is astounding. Despite this, I'd never purchased anything there.

Late in 2001 I found myself shopping around for a Stanley thermos. Curious to see if such things were available on Ebay, I put in the search criteria. Presto, a list of all types of Stanley thermi. The old ones were too old and the new ones too dear, however, my eye did fall upon a vintage 1920, 3 gallon Stanley coffee or lemonade urn.

It had 3 days left to go on the auction block and only one bid for a mere $9.99. I could hardly help myself. I think I even started repeating out loud, "I don't need this. I came looking for one thing and not finding it I'm going to drop fifteen bucks on something I need like a hole in the head." Nonetheless, 2 days later I was back looking at the item, cursing myself, and at the last moment bidding and winning the item for $13.36.

And this is how, on a quest for a simple 24 ounce theremos, I came to ship a 3-gallon, 13 pound, ancient urn back from Wisconsin for $16 in shipping charges. How while looking to see if I could get a $24 retail item cheaper I came to spend that amount just on paint and parts to restore this antique.

When in my email confessing to be the high bidder and giving shipping instructions to Rose, the seller, I mention my plight Rose's only reply was, "how do you think I ended up with it?"

Shown next to a 24oz Stanley "Wide Mouth" thermos that I eventually bought on ebay for $6.99.

Fully restored and operational, I am very pleased with how this turned out, and I'm glad I bought it.