Is this really what you meant?

Killer Tapes

UPS Stores

It is time to bring NASA back down to Earth


For Sale By Owner (FSBO)

Dear Michael Dell and Bill Gates
It seems to me that 7 years after I used my first laptop, things should have gotten even more integrated, not less so. Permit me to count the ways: (go)

So far I’m not impressed. Here’s my tale. (go)

Let me be blunt. I feel abused.(go)

Pacific Bell
Dear CPUC, I want to register my opposition to Pacific Bell's implementation of 3-way calling.(go)

Forgive me for mistakenly thinking your Contractor Grade tape measure would be superior for use by the do-it-yourselfer.(go)

United Airlines
Twice now I've had the distinct displeasure of having to deal with your ticket counter at San Francisco International Airport. (go)

Thank you for your letter dated July 17, 2001 regarding the $60 payoff fee. However, I reject your reasoning.(go)