Is this really what you meant?

October 9, 2007

Garry Snook, CEO/Founder
Performance, Inc.
One Performance Way
Chapel Hill, NC 27514


Dear Mr. Snook,
I recently purchased a pre-owned Travel Trac CenturyV Fluid+.  While searching for the owner’s manual I discovered that it might have been recalled.  I contacted your customer service department.  Enclosed is the whole exchange, but here is the bottom line.

Performance agrees the product is potentially defective.
Because a defective product might cause injury or perhaps even death you issued a recall in conjunction with the CPSC.
The fix is a simple set of user installed parts which you have available as a kit, but...

  1. You will not tell me how to discover if this kit has already been installed by the original owner.
  2. You will not supply these parts for free to anyone other than the original owner.
  3. You will not even sell these potentially life-saving parts to anyone other than the original owner.


Is this really what you want your customer service department to be saying?



Marc Auerbach

Epilog: They sent the part.