Nova Scotia, 1999

Trip 300k
Alternating colors indicate each day

Baddeck to Baddeck clockwise

Baddeck was a charming place to start and conclude.  The later home of Alexander Graham Bell (he was Canadian ya know)

Duffus House, our place in Baddeck.  Charming, with outstanding breakfast pastries.  
The first hill put us in a self-congratulatory mood
The winding road ahead
Yes, you can eat whatever you want, whenever you want.

A rugged coast at points but a calm sea.
This climb was a little harder, even though the highest climb was only 445 m.

The lobster season is very short in Cape Breton, lasting only 2 months.  Snow crab was in season.
Jim gets an overhaul.
Row, row, row your boat...
Whatever floats your boat.
There is no shortage of boats in Atlantic Canada.
Rolling along the high plain.
Our legs are not as young as they used to be.  445m on a humid afternoon takes a bit out of us.
Dense wooded hills everywhere.
More coast.
Endless acres of undisturbed wilderness.
Lobster traps neatly stacked for next season.
God on the right, where God eats on the left.  Morrison's was outstanding.  Try the salmon cabbage rolls.
The orchard of a great, craftsman-style farmhouse we stayed in.
Ski Cape Smoke. Billed as the biggest ski hill in Maritime Canada.  Yup, that's it.
A quaint place with a VCR, and satellite TV.  We watched "The Apostle."

Nova Scotia is so far north, all the satellite dishes point at the horizon.

Pretty Dory.
Don takes a dive as is his want.  We celebrate our return to Baddeck.

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