Roasted a Tenderloin of Beef

A whole, trimmed tenderloin, weighs about two or three pounds.  This is the part that tournedos and chateaubriand comes from.    I buy tenderloin at Safeway. They are small pieces weighing about 2 pounds.

Directions for cooking are straight from Varenne Pratique as follows:

      Roasting  a whole beef tenderloin:

      In a roasting pan heat a tablespoon of oil and brown the meat.

      Roast it at 500 degrees F./260 Celsius for 25 to 35 minutes, turning it over every

      eight to ten minutes.

      For rare meat, the thermometer should register 125 degrees F./51degrees C. and for medium done, l40 degrees F/60 degrees C.  Let stand before serving.

Notes:  I have found for cooking smaller pieces that that referred to above, the cooking time is shorter and it is a matter of personal judgment about when it is done.  I also baste the meat during cooking with a President’s Choice product, Memories of Kobe.  It assures me of a piece of meat that is brown on the outside