Rhubarb Relish

(from Lunenberg Cookbook via Marc)    Nov. 13, 1999

      2 quarts rhubarb

      2 quarts onions (scald and throw the water away)

      1 cup white sugar

      3 cups cider vinegar

      2 tsp. salt

      1 tsp. pepper

      2 tsp. ground cloves

      2 tsp. cinnamon

Cook thoroughly until quite thick.

24 Sept 2005

Update:  Tried this using some rhubarb from the Roederers in Laconor but it was

a culinary disaster.  After hours of cooking to get the thick consistency and despite adding more sugar than the recipe called for, the result was a dark, unpalatable-looking mass with a sharp, vinegary taste.  I threw it all out.