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Refrigeration is not something usually thought about beyond where to place it in the kitchen. Just as bizarre to me as putting a hot water heater in a cold garage, so too the idea of trying to keep stuff cold inside a heated home. And more difficult still in a hot kitchen. As part of the Auerhaus experiment I purposely placed the fridge in its own insulated box against the north wall. Then using a pair of Panasonic make up air vents, I coupled the box directly to the outside. One vent at the bottom for cold, inlet air and one at top to allow warm air to escape.

I'm not sure if this is a good idea or not. I plan to pull the fridge out in a year and see if anything is growing back there.

Auerhaus, as you might imagine, is very quiet. The noisiest item is the fridge. Placing the fridge in its own box cuts down on the noise.