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Around 1999 I started to look for country property with the idea that it ought to be within 5 hours driving distance from Silicon Valley. In 2001 I was freed of that requirement. I had made four offers on 3 homes in the Trinity Alps region of northern California without success. I was really looking for an old farm house to restore, but wasn't finding any.

In May of 2002 my brother and I took a road trip up to Vancouver, BC from my home in California. As we passed the lush scenery of Oregon I was startled by how much it attracted me compared to the semi-arid California landscape. A few months later I was back on what I called the shoe-lace tour -- crisscrossing on all the roads between I-5 and the coast in Oregon and on up into Washington.

What I discovered on this trip was how little I cared to be near the ocean and more so its busy, tourist-driven economy. It was also very hard to find a place that was far enough off a main road to have some quiet.

On September 17, 2002 I stepped through the missing window of an old trailer (the agent had no key), walked over a rotting floor and beheld the sun setting across 60-acres of fields and woods and said, "let's make an offer." I was equal parts enthralled and worn down from 3 years of looking.

I moved into the trailer full-time in June of 2003. Some prep work on the new site was done including unsuccessfully drilling for water. A combination of a late start in 2004 and permit delays meant ground breaking didn't take place until June 21st. Preliminary occupancy was granted in June 2005, with a final on December 5, 2005. in May 2006 the solar system was connected. A year after final I declared the house complete as to the original plan.

Auerhaus exists for many of the same reasons we exist: luck (both good and bad), serendipity, and persistence.